Stay accountable together to achieve your goals

Squad is an accountability app & social atomic habit tracker—to help you stay motivated everyday with others

1. Browse or create a shared mission for 2 to 6 weeks 🤝 Stay motivated with an accountability partner or squad.

2. To complete a squad mission, simply check in with your progress until the end date ✅ Check-in's are small & achievable atomic actions—that can be daily to weekly depending on the Squad mission.

3. Optionally pledge your commitment to sticking until the end of the mission via $SQUAD tokens 💸 If you complete the mission, they are given back to you with extra rewards on top.


What types of missions are available for me to join?


Exercising, curing gaming addiction, learning new skills, improving personal productivity, healthy eating, losing weight..etc— daily or a few times a week for 2-4 weeks— are some common missions. More will open up based on demand.

How long are Squad missions? How many people are usually in a Squad?


Squad missions typically are set for a few week to a month or more. This is so that you build up enough momentum to get into a flow and build a consistent habit of taking small actions on a regular basis. Squad cohorts can have up to 20 people or as little as two.

How do I check-in to a daily or weekly mission?


Check-in's are designed to feel simple and fun because you are doing it together with your squad. Depending on the mission and its rules, some require just tapping a checkbox and others ask you to snap a photo. Frequency can also vary from daily to a few times a week.

Regardless, the check-ins help increase chances of your success and also helps motivate others—so it's at the core of how you interact with Squad.

How does pledging work?


Certain missions can require a token pledge to join. For example, a daily push up mission for 3 weeks can require $10 USD pledge to join. If you check-in daily for at least 80% of the 3 weeks, you get all of your tokens back. If you stop after say a week, you donate a portion of your token pledge for others to win as extra rewards if they complete the mission.

Pledging is way to make your commitment in completing the mission have more weight. You get it all back anyway with extra rewards—if you stick with it and complete it until the end!

Can I use Squad with my friends or as a couple?


Yea sure! You can simply invite them to your mission and mark it as private.

Can $Squad tokens go up in value?


Yes. The more that the Squad community grow and engages in missions — the more valuable the Squad community will be and the $SQUAD token. You can cash out anytime as we plan on listing $SQUAD on exchanges like Uniswap and others. Also the market value of Ethereum and other blockchain currencies related to $SQUAD—will have an effect on the value of $SQUAD.

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