Become the best version of yourself—by staying accountable 🙌

Squad is a group accountability partner app & atomic habit tracker—for achieving daily goals with others

1. Join or create a shared challenge for 1 to 4 weeks 🤝 Stay motivated with an accountability partner or squad.

2. Check-in and make progress daily with others ✅ Commit to a realistic & measurable daily goal—and check-in daily together.

3. Earn or lose credits based on your check-ins💪 Join public squads with credits and stay motivated with payback rewards & penalties🎖️

Really Works
Having accountability really helped me straighten up my act. I wish it was for longer so look forward to joining the next one. I've also completely stopped making excuses the past few days after the challenge!
Sara S
Best accountability app
Helped me get started building a habit of studying and exercising regularly. So much better than all the other habit apps out there!
Elayne E
Amazing app
Squad has been very helpful to me, knowing that I have to make myself accountable end of the day pushes me to try to do something during the day. I don’t want to report that I didn’t do anything or see the same low performance report every day, so I try do more to give a good report of myself. It is the reminder ringing in my head to go and get it done. So I don’t get left behind. Thank you so much to the team.
I've been using Squad for a few months now and it's been a total game-changer for me. The group accountability has helped me build a habit I've struggled with for over 4 years. Hard to overstate how impactful this has been for my life.
Great accountability tool
I really starting see progress in my fitness journey. Would love more fitness specific metrics, but group check-ins and progress reports have kept me on track!
Bad L
Keeps me consistent
Squad has been hands down the best in helping with my inconsistency. It's easy to use and makes you want to make a note of what you signed up to do. I still slip up sometimes but I get right back on track

What types of accountability squads are available for me to join?


Regular exercise, meditation, writing, personal productivity, side-hustles/creative work, improving health conditions like ADHD, reading/studying, healthy eating, losing weight..etc— are some common squads.

There are also squads without a specific criteria. Anyone can commit to a personal habit and daily action with a diverse and serious group of self-improvers.

What Squad provides is a safe, supportive and fun environment—with visible rules and structure—where others will motivate and propel you to success.

How long are Squad challenges? How many accountability partners are usually in a Squad?


You can join a Squad anytime with your daily goal or challenge set for 1 to 4 weeks. It may take more than 1 to 4 weeks to truly build a habit, but what's important is that you can set yourself a clear short-term goal that you can work toward and realistically accomplish.

Squads can have up to ~15 people or as little as two. They are intentionally made small so everyone can feel safe and engaged.

How do I check-in to a Squad?


Everyone is required to commit to a specific, measurable and realistic task or action (ie do 10 minutes of meditation daily after I shower).

Check-ins help increase chances of your success and also helps motivate others—so it's at the core of how you interact with Squad. And it's totally ok if you were not able to do a particular action for a day—checking in that you didn't do it helps you stay honest which will increase your odds for success.

How do credits work to help me stay motivated?


Credits are required to join public squads. This is to ensure that everyone has 'skin in the game' and is seriously committed. You can earn back all the credits you used to join a public squad based on your check-in score. However, every time you miss a check-in you lose a credit.

You'll get some free credits when you sign up but you can purchase more if you run out (you shouldn't need to if you simply show up and check-in everyday!).

Squads with your friends is completely free and do not require or utilize credits ❤️

Can I use Squad with my friends or community?


Yes! You can create private Squad challenges and participate together with your friends or network. Automated rules and structures for daily check-in's, visual progress and daily reports—will keep everyone motivated 💪

I have adult ADHD. Will this help me?


There are many Squad challenge participants with ADHD making great progress on their daily habits and longer term goals. Some of these daily commitment & habits ranged from doing household chores, meditation to reading. Having others keep you accountable for a set period of time with clear rules and structure—can help you prioritize your routines, stay productive and feel in control.