Travelling and exploring the world is one of my passions. This is an image I took of the British Museum on a recent trip away.

Interview with CK

I'm CK based in sunny Australia. I work full time as a pharmacist and in my free time I'm a photographer, digital writer and Notion creator. I write about Slow Productivity Notion Systems to help overwhelmed multi-passionate 9to5ers find time & focus to cultivate (and scale) their creative passions.

What’s something that has been helping you be consistent?

I'm a firm believer in slow productivity and deliberate practice.

I've spent more than a decade practicing and honing my photography skills, in particular urban, travel and architectural photography. This has led to various opportunities like writing for an online photography magazine, photography product reviews, becoming a photography community event organiser and photographing for clients.

In more recently years, I've been honing my digital writing skills through sharing my insights on slow productivity, Notion and personal growth on Twitter to help other multi-passionate 9to5ers like myself find time & focus to cultivate their creative passions outside of work so they can also experience a more joyful and balanced life.

Which habits or goals are you currently working to make progress on daily?

Currently I'm building a daily habit of writing and sharing something daily. This can be in the form of tweets, threads, atomic essays, Medium articles or newsletters. Another habit that I've been cultivating for years is a daily meditation habit.Something I've struggled to maintain is a regular exercise habit, this is an area that I'm planning to work on in 2023.

How do you deal with times when you struggle or get stuck?

I find self-reflection and journalling an excellent tool when I struggle to keep going with a habit.

The reflection often reveals the underlying challenges that's affecting my habits. for example poor sleep often means I struggle to focus and find mental energy to write.

Are there any methods, tools or tips you recommend for your habits, goals or productivity?

A couple of core keystone habits like having at least 7-8 hours of sleep and having hard finish times in my day job often helps me maintain my good habits and focus on my goals.

A favorite quote?

"Don't let perfect be the enemy of good" - Voltaire / Gretchen Rubin

Something that made you smile recently? 😁

Having some great conversations with fellow Digital Writers and Creators on Twitter :)