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Interview with Jack Friks

My name is jack friks, i'm currently writing a book & newsletter on creating personal philosophies for a better life, I live in my mom's basement & my background for the last 3 years has been making all typed of content on the internet including a lot of crypto videos & operations & freelance video work for tech startups.

What’s something you’ve been pretty consistent at doing that has led to a favorable outcome for you?

Eating less & working out more, lead to me not being much healthier. - main habit here was tracking calories, did it for 2 years straight.another: working on my own businesses very frequently after finding something i enjoyed doing & the favorable outcome being I make a lot of money from it (more so in the past)

Which habits or goals are you currently working to make progress on daily?

Writing for an hour every day is something ive been trying to strive too, to stay productive ive been attempting to get this out of the way first thing in the morning (eating the frog some days, other days i cant wait to write)

How do you deal with times when you struggle or get stuck?

I would say asking yourself hard questions & answering them, then reanswering them on a semi frequent basisThe main question that ive been using to guide my life is "What do I actually want out of life" & then gauging a lot of choices i make daily on my answer to that question.sometimes it gets of track

Any methods, tools or tips you recommend for your habits, goals or productivity?

One of my college professors and her husband participated in hundreds of studies on willpower and found, somewhat unsurprisingly, that willpower is strongest in the morning, so I usually try and do my habits earlier in the day to capitalize on that.

I try and pick habits I intrinsically enjoy at least to some degree. No use building a habit out of guilt or obligation. Recently I’ve been using a habit tracker called that’s been really useful to me, as it helps me visualize my progress with habits as a chart tracked over time. That way, it’s less about what happens on any single day, and more about where I’m headed in my overall trajectory.

A favorite quote?

“You’re doing it all wrong,” said someone doing nothing at all. - Sahil Lavingia

Something that made you smile recently?

my dogs tail wagging when i came home from my vacation